The mindful eating initiative will create a national movement that engages mindfulness as a lens through which to improve not only diet and health but to make whole the bodies, mind and spirit in communities of color as a central pathway to Racial Equity and Healing. The mindful eating movement addresses key themes:


Understand how the forces of structural racism, big business and capitalism negatively impact health and nutrition.


Actively participate in and support efforts to change discriminatory food and health policy. Create gardens. Build co-ops.


Eating as an expression of dignity, self-respect, empowerment and self-actualization.


Eating as an expression of identity and self worth. Understanding nutrition through the lens of self-care and self-regard.


Reconnect food to culture and faith and wellbeing.


Emphasize the power of family to help us be our best selves.


Share resources to support everyone’s effort to become well-fed, healthy and balanced in mind, body and spirit.


Make beautiful food, form powerful community, live blessed lives.

Our Story

In today’s changing and challenging environment, health equity in the community remains an unaddressed crisis with fewer resources and tools to empower communities. We would like to invite you to support a nationwide initiative called Mindful Eating for the Beloved Community that not only understands the health disparities that exist, but also provides the action plan for families to improve their health and create sustainable results.

  • Childhood Food Insecurity – District of Columbia 30.5% 30.5%
  • Childhood Food Insecurity – Mississippi 29% 29%
  • Childhood Food Insecurity – Arkansas 28.4% 28.4%
  • Childhood Food Insecurity – Georgia 28.2% 28.2%